Friday, March 22, 2013


With her head full of corkscrew curls and her warm smile, Lily will win you over the minute you see her. I have the honor of attending church with this sweet little girl and watching her bring joy to every task she performs and to everyone she meets.

As Lily's mom, Wendy, will tell you, "I cannot be anything but joy-filled when I am with her!"
Along with this joy, Lily also faces the challenges that come with her diagnosis of Turner Syndrome.

Ts is a chromosomal disorder that only affects girls. It occurs in one out of every 2500 births and is responsible for 10% of all miscarriages. Only 1% of Ts girls are born alive. Lily's life is a miracle! Sadly, in many countries outside of the United States, parents of Ts babies are encouraged to have abortions. Despite these odds, girls with Ts who do survive live long and meaningful lives, contributing greatly to society. (You might recognize a Ts lady on NCIS Los Angeles - Linda Hunt.) Lily's birth to Christian parents in the United States was a life-saving gift from God.

Lily has already endured heart surgery to repair her aorta and kidney surgery to repair a blockage. She also receives growth hormone treatments as small stature is a common symptom of Ts. Regular doctor's appointments include visits to her cardiologist, endocrinologist, and urologist, not to mention her pediatrician. But in spite of these challenges, Lily's life is happy and joy-filled. She is a true testament to our God who is "mighty to save," (Zephaniah 3:17) which also happens to be Lily's favorite song! (Hillsong)

Recently Lily's mom, Wendy, was sharing with me that Lily has the gift of healing. Through her actions and her words she offers compassion and love to anyone who is hurting. God has given her the ability to identify those who are in pain. Whether it is emotional pain or physical pain, she recognizes it. When she comes in contact with someone in pain, Lily is quick to hover over them and pray for them immediately. And she always remembers them in her bedtime prayers too. This ability to understand and recognize other people's pain is unusual for a child with Ts. Often these girls have a hard time reading social cues and understanding emotions. But not Lily. God blessed her with this ability and she uses it to glorify Him. 

I thank you God, for Lily. She is a gift and a blessing from You. Her contributions to this world are immense and her joy is a  testament to Your love. Thank you for Your healing hand in her life and for the healing that she passes on to others. Amen.

You can learn more about Lily in the upcoming book "Unexpected Gifts."

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