Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Typical Tuesday

It's been several months since I posted. A lot has happened in our family over these last few months of absence. On August 16th my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On August 20th it was removed. And on August 22nd he was diagnosed with brain cancer. As you can imagine, this news has changed our lives dramatically. 
Thankfully, after six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, he is doing well. We have high hopes and faith that he will be with us for many, many more years.

Over this time period I have heard from many of you. Thank you!! We appreciate your prayers and love. And I personally appreciate your encouragement to continue this journey of advocating for kids who live with life challenges. 

Today's post is from a guest blogger. Jennifer Elliott Meares is the mother of a daughter with cerebral palsy. Ironically, Jennifer also has CP. The disease manifests itself differently in mother and daughter but certainly gives Jennifer special insight into what her daughter is experiencing. 

I know you will enjoy Jennifer's story today about a typical Tuesday.

Love to you all,

Typical Tuesday
by Jennifer Elliott Meares
On a typical Tuesday afternoon at the therapy office, I am sitting in the waiting room with the other Moms and a few Dads while our children receive various therapies such as PT, OT and Speech. We have our nose in a book or a smart phone and some of us are chatting with each other about current events. In walks a new mom with an all too familiar look of worry and distress as she begins to navigate the road ahead for her child. I wish there was something enlightening I could say to ease her mind and help her get to the place the rest of us has achieved. We have learned to accept progress but not expect miracles. We have not by any means given up on a brighter day for our children but have buckled down for the long haul. We continue to jump through most all the hoops set forth by the well-meaning doctors and therapist but we have come to understand that a tired and stressed out parent doesn’t do anybody any good. We ultimately have to decide what’s in our child’s best interest. We decide what is worth the effort and what is not. I could say all these things but I know that some understandings only come with time and experience and everyone’s journey is unique.

I smile politely at the new mom as my daughter and I leave and quietly say a prayer. My daughter and I drive through Chick fil A on our way home as is our routine. For there is homework yet to be done and bedtime routines before the day is done. My child gets her meal and ask, “Why does Chick fil A always gives a book when McDonalds gives a toy?” I say to her “because the people at Chick fil A want you to be smart.” To which she replies” So, the people at McDonalds don’t care if I am smart?” This makes me laugh as we drive on home. It’s a typical Tuesday. And that’s not all bad.

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